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A farmers’ market cornucopia: preserving those tomatoes

I’ve finally made my way through most of my box of tomatoes.  Let me show you all the goodies I’ve made…. Tomato sauce/ketchup.  This stuff is to die for and the original reason why I snapped up the box, but … Continue reading

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Where do you come from?

Just a quick one today.  WordPress has introduced a new feature where I can see what country people visiting my blog are coming from.  I find it really interesting and I thought you might too. In the last three months … Continue reading

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Berry and apple jam

A few years ago if you’d asked me what my favourite bought jam was I would have answered “some type of berry jam”.  Until this year I had only ever made one batch of berry jam.  We eat all sorts … Continue reading

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Through the fence posts: wishing I had their vegie garden

I’ve walked this street so many times and never noticed the house with the front garden full of vegies and little fruit trees.  I normally walk on the other side of the road and the garden was hidden a little … Continue reading

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Chicken confessions

I became a vegetarian at the ripe old age of eight.  Or should I say I became an ethical vegetarian then because, though my mother was very understanding, trying to provide a meat and meatless meal each night for her … Continue reading

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Simple pleasures in a tea cup

One small bunch of lemon balm  from the garden,  a mug, boiling water. Lemon…yes, but also a slight sense of heat like in ginger.

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Happy New Year

Hello everyone, Happy New Year! How have you been? It’s been a long time between posts hasn’t it? Yeah, the 18th of March 2011 to be precise.  Life and work has just been really busy and I made the choice … Continue reading

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