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A farmers’ market cornucopia: preserving those tomatoes

I’ve finally made my way through most of my box of tomatoes.  Let me show you all the goodies I’ve made…. Tomato sauce/ketchup.  This stuff is to die for and the original reason why I snapped up the box, but … Continue reading

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Where do you come from?

Just a quick one today.  WordPress has introduced a new feature where I can see what country people visiting my blog are coming from.  I find it really interesting and I thought you might too. In the last three months … Continue reading

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Berry and apple jam

A few years ago if you’d asked me what my favourite bought jam was I would have answered “some type of berry jam”.  Until this year I had only ever made one batch of berry jam.  We eat all sorts … Continue reading

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Through the fence posts: wishing I had their vegie garden

I’ve walked this street so many times and never noticed the house with the front garden full of vegies and little fruit trees.  I normally walk on the other side of the road and the garden was hidden a little … Continue reading

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Chicken confessions

I became a vegetarian at the ripe old age of eight.  Or should I say I became an ethical vegetarian then because, though my mother was very understanding, trying to provide a meat and meatless meal each night for her … Continue reading

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Simple pleasures in a tea cup

One small bunch of lemon balm  from the garden,  a mug, boiling water. Lemon…yes, but also a slight sense of heat like in ginger.

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Happy New Year

Hello everyone, Happy New Year! How have you been? It’s been a long time between posts hasn’t it? Yeah, the 18th of March 2011 to be precise.  Life and work has just been really busy and I made the choice … Continue reading

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In the aftermath of the floods

I think by now most, if not all, of you would have heard about the recent flooding and cyclone Yasi in Australia.  In particular, you probably heard about the floods in Brisbane and Queensland. At the time I didn’t say … Continue reading

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The BEST summer pasta

Steaming freshly cooked pasta Dollops of homemade pesto (mine was basil from the garden, almonds as the nut and a dash of lemon juice for extra pizzazz). Liberally sprinkle with finely chopped tomato (cherry tomatoes are particularly nice), chopped hard-boiled … Continue reading

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Computer down

A quick post to let you know my computer has died.  Hopefully, by sometime next week, it will either be fixed or I’ll have a brand spanking new computer.  And hopefully, my hard drive is recoverable.  Everything is backed up … Continue reading

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