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Mmmmm, polenta!

I am the biggest fan of polenta.  If it’s on the menu at a restaurant then I order it.  But I have to admit I’ve never been much good at cooking it…until recently.  A few months ago I discovered Russ … Continue reading

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Remembering the broad beans

  When I first started blogging I was quite concerned about posting on topics at the right time of year (see how almost five months of blogging makes me a pro 😉 ).  I thought if I posted a seasonal … Continue reading

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Through the fenceposts: two for the price of one

We had a glorious mid-Spring weekend with great big blue cloud-less skies and lovely warmth.  Perfect weather for wandering through neighbourhoods.  This time, I have photos of two small “through the fence posts”.  Both had tiny little front gardens with … Continue reading

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A farmers’ market cornucopia: November

:: Little bits of summer are starting to show themselves at our farmers’ market.  I bought our usual orange haul (to last us two weeks) and then discovered my favourite stone fruit farmers had arrived at the market for the … Continue reading

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Crème fraiche love

My crème fraiche turned out as an example of the most delicious scrumptiousness.  I am completely in love and addicted.  Why did I not start making it years ago?  It is sooo yummy and  soo easy to make. Get yourself … Continue reading

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What makes you an urban farmer?

The term urban farmer resonates deeply within me.  Linking to concepts like sustainability and self-sustaining food production.  Recently I’ve been starting to wonder if I could call myself an urban farmer.  And that is where my confusion starts.  What exactly … Continue reading

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In my kitchen…

During the last few weeks in my kitchen I have been… :: Using up our lemons before they all fall off the tree.  Lots of fresh home-made lemonade and putting away our favourite lemon and ginger cordial :: Making bread. … Continue reading

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Pie with fetta, greens and beetroot

I’m a big fan of spanokopita and other spinach and feta inspired pies. They are so yummy and moorish. This pie is inspired by those traditions but with a  twist…beetroot.  The beetroot gives the pie a rich red colour and … Continue reading

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Through the fence posts: terrace house courtyard

I just love it when people don’t let a lack of space stop them from producing some of their own food.  I find it really inspiring. Gorgeous old terrace house.  Tiny, tiny front courtyard.  Yummy, healthy looking greens.

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The race that stops the nation

Today is Melbourne Cup Day.  Australia’s biggest horse race.  It’s been dubbed “the race that stops the nation” because everyone stops whatever they’re doing to watch it on telly and it’s so “important” that if you’re lucky enough to live … Continue reading

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