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Computer down

A quick post to let you know my computer has died.  Hopefully, by sometime next week, it will either be fixed or I’ll have a brand spanking new computer.  And hopefully, my hard drive is recoverable.  Everything is backed up … Continue reading

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Gem squashing it

  As mentioned in my last post, I bought some gem squash to try during my last trip to the farmers’ market. They’re commonly eaten in South Africa but it’s the first time I’ve ever seen them in Australia and … Continue reading

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A farmers’ market cornucopia: January 2011

It’s an absolutely lovely time of year at the market.  Mostly warm sunny mornings (despite our reletively nonexistent summer this year) and a banquet of all sorts of fresh fruit and veg. Cindy, I’m hoping you can help me with … Continue reading

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Keeping it local, seafood style

For months I’ve been planning to make the trek to a seaside suburb that has a particular boat  at the docks that moors itself on a Sunday morning and sells local mussels, prawns and oysters (in season) until they sell … Continue reading

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In 2010 I … :: started a food blog :: grew tomatoes, silver beet, zucchini, pumpkin and a host of other vegies from seed for the first time (instead of buying seedlings) :: grew garlic and amaranth for the first … Continue reading

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Gourmet blasphemy

Mr Bee was away recently and I was  home alone at Chez Bee.  Sometimes, when I’m home alone I cook up gastronomic extravaganzas or eat a dinner composed entirely of dessert…but this time the thought of cooking for one just … Continue reading

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Ode to organic free range eggs

One thing I love about organic free range eggs… …is that sometimes they are stripey or spotty or are double yolkers …and that shows me that the hen who laid the egg is being allowed to be more henny than … Continue reading

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