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Honey, date and brandy ice cream

Definitely an adults only indulgence with a hint of Christmas about it from the brandy… 100 g dates, sliced to a thickness depending on preference scant half cup of boiling water 200 mL of cream 600 mL of vanilla custard … Continue reading

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My new toy

We bought an ice cream maker. The first batch was chocolate and I was far too concerned with enjoying it to even think about taking a photo.  It was quite possibly the best chocolate ice cream I have ever eaten. … Continue reading

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Bee’s Hot Cross Buns

Making hot cross buns have been part of my Easter tradition since I was a little girl.  Over the years I’ve used all sorts of recipes from no knead to more traditional, changing up the spices, with and without an … Continue reading

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A farmers’ market cornucopia: preserving those tomatoes

I’ve finally made my way through most of my box of tomatoes.  Let me show you all the goodies I’ve made…. Tomato sauce/ketchup.  This stuff is to die for and the original reason why I snapped up the box, but … Continue reading

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A farmers’ market cornucopia: tomatoes

The last week or so it’s been raining and raining and raining.  Signficant parts of the state have been flooded (and other states too). And the tomatoes don’t like the rain much either.  So at the farmers market this morning … Continue reading

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Berry and apple jam

A few years ago if you’d asked me what my favourite bought jam was I would have answered “some type of berry jam”.  Until this year I had only ever made one batch of berry jam.  We eat all sorts … Continue reading

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New organic magazine find

In the peacefulness of the week between Christmas and New Year I took myself off to my local library.  I was looking for light reading, you know, books to flick through, magazines, nothing to strenuous, maybe a light novel at … Continue reading

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Simple pleasures in a tea cup

One small bunch of lemon balm  from the garden,  a mug, boiling water. Lemon…yes, but also a slight sense of heat like in ginger.

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The tomatoes are here!

It is most definitely summer here at Chez Bee.  And the tomatoes I planted back in November are producing copious amounts of fruit.  That is, the Rouge de Marmande  that I bought as seedlings, not my other seedlings that I … Continue reading

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Through the fence posts: a sweet idea

Hello everyone! Just before Christmas I was wandering through a neighbourhood with big beautiful old homes.  The sort where it’s very unlikely to find vegetables growing in the very manicured front gardens. But I came across something even better. A … Continue reading

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