Where do you come from?

Just a quick one today.  WordPress has introduced a new feature where I can see what country people visiting my blog are coming from.  I find it really interesting and I thought you might too.

In the last three months (so pretty much since I’ve returned to blogging), the top five countries that YOU come from have been (in order from highest to lowest):

  1. USA
  2. Australia
  3. UK
  4. Turkey (Hi to everyone from Turkey, in the nicest possible way I never would have guessed you’d be in my top five, I love it that you are though!)
  5.  New Zealand

And I have people coming from another NINETEEN countries so TWENTY FOUR countries in total, including  Colombia, Croatia, France,  India, Israel, Kenya, Malaysia, Pakistan, The Netherlands, South Africa,  Vietnam….

How absolutely fantastic that you are coming from so many different places. I hope you all enjoy this space. Welcome!

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8 Responses to Where do you come from?

  1. Cool…. What a nice addition, and isn’t it awesome to find you have readers in countries you never would have thought?!

  2. orange says:

    I am addicted to it too — as I have many friends scattered all over the world who check in on my blog via Facebook, I have a lovely collection of flags, specially thanks to those who live in random countries such as Iraq, Cambodia, Argentina or Sri Lanka! My own flag is Taiwan and I was surprised not to see it on your list, but then I realised I always view your blog in Google Reader so probably don’t show up. So I clicked through to say Hi!

    • orange says:

      (I haven’t mentioned it on my blog though, as I don’t want to make the easily identifiable people self-conscious about “stalking” my blog — based on location, I have identified some regular readers as Facebook friends I haven’t spoken to in years!)

    • Bee says:

      Hi Orange, Yes I do have people coming from Taiwan and you would be one of them because even though it doesn’t include Google Reader, it would include you very time you’ve commented. I thought a list of 24 countries might be a bit much for people to read so I just picked out a smattering to share, but Taiwan was definitely on the list! 🙂

  3. AndrewGills says:

    I love the new feature too 🙂 I have followers from the Phillipines on my garden blog and was surprised that most of my followers on my triathlon blog are from the US, not the UK like I previously thought.

    The really interesting thing is that only a small proportion come from my own country, Australia. (So that makes me one of your Ozzies).

    • Bee says:

      Here’s to being just a little bit addicted to seeing where our visitors are coming from and get lots of pleasant surprises as a result 🙂

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