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My first award!!

A little while ago…OK like over three weeks ago, I have been remiss….Herby from Living as Herby gave me an award.  It’s called The Versatile Blogger Award and I’m beyond chuffed.  Because you know, I’m new at this blogging gig … Continue reading

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Baked salmon deliciousness

Last weekend I missed my usual Farmers’ Market  because I had to work all day Saturday. They are only on every two weeks in my area so missing one means 4 weeks between visits.  And this week I was having … Continue reading

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I’m back… with some random musings….

Hello!  I’m back!  And so happy to be back!  You know how work often has periods of the year when it’s crazy?  This is one of my two crazy times during the year.  In the last couple of weeks, when … Continue reading

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Food art to get us all thinking

Hello everyone!  I’m sooo busy at work and I’m having blog withdrawal symptoms.  I have some topics I want to post about but I don’t have time.  This topic I can post quite quickly and it will give me a … Continue reading

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A farmers’ market cornucopia: early October

Last weekend at the Farmers’ Market it was really starting to feel like spring.  It was a lovely sunny morning and I had chats with a number of the stall-holders about how happy everyone was to be finally seeing spring … Continue reading

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Spring seed sowing

This weekend I was FINALLY able to sow my spring seeds. A little late, but you know better late than never. 😉 Saturday was a glorious sunny spring day and so gardening was a lovely way to spend an afternoon. … Continue reading

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Through the fence posts: street-side community gardening

Yesterday evening, while walking to my favourite pub for dinner and a “cleansing ale”,  I spied a little  garden on  the road side: Some enterprising people have decided that if they live inner-city and don’t have a back yard then … Continue reading

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