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Quick Pick: Urban Organic

Have you heard of the new internet TV show Urban Organic? Each episode is a  3 to 5 minute, professionally produced, interesting snapshot of what’s happening in the urban agriculture scene. Advertisements

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Bookish inspiration

I’m currently reading The Real Food Companion (at Fishpond and Amazon).  Yeah, it’s a recipe book, yep I’m reading it cover to cover.  It’s not just that I’m that sort of person who likes to read recipe books for relaxation, I do, but it’s also (trust me) … Continue reading

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Ode to organic free range eggs

One thing I love about organic free range eggs… …is that sometimes they are stripey or spotty or are double yolkers …and that shows me that the hen who laid the egg is being allowed to be more henny than … Continue reading

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What makes you an urban farmer?

The term urban farmer resonates deeply within me.  Linking to concepts like sustainability and self-sustaining food production.  Recently I’ve been starting to wonder if I could call myself an urban farmer.  And that is where my confusion starts.  What exactly … Continue reading

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News from the GM front

An American federal district court judge has recently ruled that a genetically modified sugar beet must not be planted again until the USDA properly assesses the risk of the modified genes moving into non-GM sugar beets and related crops such … Continue reading

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