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A post on various little random pieces of food-goodness: :: A broad bean recipe I have been saving to share for ages.  When my broad beans are ready they will most definitely be used to make this:  Puglia style broad … Continue reading

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September in my garden

Some highlights from my September garden… :: The nectarine and (I think it’s a) quince  blossoms have graced us with their presence and then left to be replaced by leaves and teeny tiny fruit.  The birds have enjoyed them as … Continue reading

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Go to soup: Leek, potato and cauliflower

Every winter we seem to have a “go to soup” that is our all out favourite for the season.  We end up cooking it every second or third time we have soup that year and then in future years it … Continue reading

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It was the water that killed them…

…boiling water that is. Somewhere, at some time, while surfing around the internet I read that boiling water is an effective way to kill weeds.  I stored it in the dim recesses of my mind and continued to get rid … Continue reading

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Shove the diet, it’s food culture all the way

Last week I was listening to one of my favourite food podcasts, Good Food and they had an interesting guest on.  Dr Thomas Robinson and his team research ways to ensure people eat healthily and stay within a healthy weight … Continue reading

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The case of the weird parsley

When we moved into our house the garden was full of self-sown parsley.  We ate it on everything – salads, pasta sauces, stews, you name it.  Slowly it dawned on me that our parsley was not like other parsley.  It … Continue reading

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Party food

I love little kids’ parties.  Lots of running around and screaming and general happiness.  Lots of food.  All the food that you wouldn’t normally eat but because it’s a little kids’ party you get to… even if you’re a big … Continue reading

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Salads sans tomatoes

When I was growing up, no one would ever consider a garden salad without tomatoes adorning the top of it.  It didn’t matter what time of year it was.  It didn’t matter that Australian shop-bought tomatoes tasted (and still do … Continue reading

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I LURVE pesto.  Not so much the traditional way on pasta.  That always seems a bit carbohydrate laden and too low a vegie quotient for me.  No, I’m a big fan of pesto on toast, on sandwiches, on crackers, as … Continue reading

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Near vegie garden catastrophe averted

You know the storms that we were experiencing over the weekend?  Well Sunday morning this was what my main vegie garden looked like…. …I am happy to report that Mr Bee was easily able to remove the tree and not … Continue reading

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