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Lemon, ginger, mint and honey refresher

This summer, much of Australia has been plunged into heatwave after heatwave. It’s been so hot that the Bureau of Meteorology has needed  to add extra colours to its temperature graphs to show how high the temperatures are reaching. And … Continue reading

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Yummy sounding recipes from around the blogosphere

Hi folks Some yummy sounding recipes from around the blogosphere that I would like to try.  As I was gazing at them I thought that maybe you’d like to try them too. So here they are: Homemade chai and chai concentrate … Continue reading

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The great Australian milk scandal

Last week there was a bit of a milk commotion in the Australian press.  Did you know that up to 16 % of milk (which only has one ingredient listed on the label: milk) is actually a substance known as … Continue reading

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I’m back… with some random musings….

Hello!  I’m back!  And so happy to be back!  You know how work often has periods of the year when it’s crazy?  This is one of my two crazy times during the year.  In the last couple of weeks, when … Continue reading

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My Sunday: a photographic journal

:: scrambled eggs and toast from home-made bread for breakfast :: A batch of orange and cumquat marmalade :: Minestrone soup and more toast with home-made bread for lunch :: Yummy and easy fruit bread :: Lemon grass and ginger … Continue reading

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Hot honey and lemon drink

As a child, when I was sick my mother had a range of special treatments.  My favourite  was when we had a sore throat and Mum would make hot honey and lemon drink for us.  Oh it was good! When … Continue reading

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The problem with tea bags

I knew those gorgeous little T2 pyramid tea bags weren’t made out of compostable stuff but I didn’t realise it was pretty much all tea bags.  Check out this article in The Guardian, to read about how most British tea … Continue reading

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