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Pear and Apple Jam

Last Sunday, I made my favourite jam: pear and apple.  I’ve never quite understood why more people don’t preserve apples and pears as jams.  It seems that they are reserved mostly for jellies or dehydrating or making apple sauce.  So … Continue reading

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Other uses for alliums

The allium family would have to be one of my favourites, they add a lovely flavour to dishes and have the most beautiful flowers. You already know that I’m growing garlic for the first time.  I also grow chives and … Continue reading

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Healthier Toasted Muesli

I love eating muesli for breakfast (or granola when I’m visiting the US).  The toasted stuff. Only problem is it’s laden with fat and sugar.  So I came up with my own toned down version.  By my reckoning it only … Continue reading

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My Sunday afternoon production line

Don’t you just love the days when you have enough time to do some serious cooking?  Last Sunday I was able to spend the whole afternoon in the kitchen.  My (very enjoyable) production line pumped out (from left to right) … Continue reading

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Moving towards humane pig rearing

I’m an omnivore, but I try to only partake in the meat side of things when the animal has been raised and killed humanely.  When it comes to pigs I’m particularly passionate about only eating pork that is fully free … Continue reading

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More perfect train commuting

The next sock: And some more food related podcasts to keep me happy: Alternative Kitchen Garden and The Splendid Table.  Both available through iTunes. * See my old rice bag to hold my knitting.  Both a good “reuse” and keeping … Continue reading

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Lunch quest

Have you noticed a bit of a theme on my blog?  That I seem slightly obsessed by all things breakfasty and brunchy? I have decided that blogging shows up your inner obsessions that you didn’t even realise you have. 🙂 … Continue reading

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Form your own food co-op

I really like the idea of a private food co-op discussed in this article. Briefly, a group  friends got together and formed a co-op to buy food from the market.  This meant they could buy in bulk and so save … Continue reading

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Hot honey and lemon drink

As a child, when I was sick my mother had a range of special treatments.  My favourite  was when we had a sore throat and Mum would make hot honey and lemon drink for us.  Oh it was good! When … Continue reading

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Feasting on culture

One of the things I love about cooking is that it’s a relatively easy way to experience a variety of different cultures.  And what could be more at the heart of a culture than the food that people eat and … Continue reading

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