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Lemon, ginger, mint and honey refresher

This summer, much of Australia has been plunged into heatwave after heatwave. It’s been so hot that the Bureau of Meteorology has needed  to add extra colours to its temperature graphs to show how high the temperatures are reaching. And … Continue reading

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Quick Pick: Urban Organic

Have you heard of the new internet TV show Urban Organic? Each episode is a  3 to 5 minute, professionally produced, interesting snapshot of what’s happening in the urban agriculture scene.

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The great Australian milk scandal

Last week there was a bit of a milk commotion in the Australian press.  Did you know that up to 16 % of milk (which only has one ingredient listed on the label: milk) is actually a substance known as … Continue reading

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A bit of sunshine, a couple of bikes and an apple tree or two

Mr Bee and myself cycled the Tallarook to Yea (and return) length of the newish Goulburn  River High Country Rail Trail on Easter Saturday.  Despite the weather forecast, it was a beautiful sunny day and the rail trail itself was … Continue reading

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Through the fenceposts: inner urban style

Inner city Melbourne is full of lovely old houses.  Many of them are in a state of disrepair but more and more of are being renovated and brought back to their best.  I saw this newly decorated house on one … Continue reading

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New organic magazine find

In the peacefulness of the week between Christmas and New Year I took myself off to my local library.  I was looking for light reading, you know, books to flick through, magazines, nothing to strenuous, maybe a light novel at … Continue reading

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Through the fence posts: wishing I had their vegie garden

I’ve walked this street so many times and never noticed the house with the front garden full of vegies and little fruit trees.  I normally walk on the other side of the road and the garden was hidden a little … Continue reading

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Bookish inspiration

I’m currently reading The Real Food Companion (at Fishpond and Amazon).  Yeah, it’s a recipe book, yep I’m reading it cover to cover.  It’s not just that I’m that sort of person who likes to read recipe books for relaxation, I do, but it’s also (trust me) … Continue reading

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In the aftermath of the floods

I think by now most, if not all, of you would have heard about the recent flooding and cyclone Yasi in Australia.  In particular, you probably heard about the floods in Brisbane and Queensland. At the time I didn’t say … Continue reading

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A farmers’ market cornucopia: January 2011

It’s an absolutely lovely time of year at the market.  Mostly warm sunny mornings (despite our reletively nonexistent summer this year) and a banquet of all sorts of fresh fruit and veg. Cindy, I’m hoping you can help me with … Continue reading

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