New organic magazine find

In the peacefulness of the week between Christmas and New Year I took myself off to my local library.  I was looking for light reading, you know, books to flick through, magazines, nothing to strenuous, maybe a light novel at the most intense.  As it happened the  library only had issues I’d already read of my usual magazine reads (Organic Gardener, Gardening Australia  and Interweave Knits) so I went browsing for something new and discovered Organic Gardening.  It’s American, so has been a bit off my radar.

It’s quite different to the Australian Organic Gardener.  Organic Gardener concentrates very directly on growing fruit and veg organically (with a little on ornamentals) and on related environmental issues (e.g. the environmental impacts of pesticides or climate change).  Organic Gardening seems to focus broadly on organic gardening with ornamentals included more.  It has a bigger emphasis on profiles of  people and their gardens (and a sneak peek into their lives).  And does interviews with chefs who have complementary principles involved in their cooking (I’ve copied down a couple of recipes).  I found Organic Gardening less hard-core organic than Organic Gardener, but just as enjoyable and have now added it into my regular library borrowing rotation.

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