A bit of sunshine, a couple of bikes and an apple tree or two

Mr Bee and myself cycled the Tallarook to Yea (and return) length of the newish Goulburn  River High Country Rail Trail on Easter Saturday.  Despite the weather forecast, it was a beautiful sunny day and the rail trail itself was very good with gorgeous country scenery and lots of birds flying back and forth across the trail.

Along the track we took one of our breaks to eat some hot cross buns.  We surveyed the scenery and then I spied a tree with red looking fruit, and another and Mr Bee spied a third.  Just down a bit of slope were a number of self-sown apple trees heavily laden with ripe autumnal fruit.  There was nothing to suggest they’d been deliberately grown so we guessed they  had possibly come from when the trail had been for trains not bicycles and passengers may have thrown their apple cores out the train window.

Mr Bee braved the brambles and ruggedness of the slope (I on the other hand am a wimp) to bring back some apples.   He gallantly washed one with some of his drinking water and we both had bites.  And despite its dubious pedigree as having grown from a random seed, that apple was delicious.  It had the whitest, crispest flesh and was sweet but nicely balanced with a hint of tartness.  The only (small) complaint was a rather tough skin. We have four more apples that I might make a pie with.

So where on the track were those apples trees ?….. I’m not telling 😉

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