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Welcome to 2013

Hello everyone, How are you?  I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas-New Year period.  At Chez Bee it was all about family, friends and food.  Oh and soaking up the way that time seems to slow down … Continue reading

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Bookish inspiration

I’m currently reading The Real Food Companion (at Fishpond and Amazon).  Yeah, it’s a recipe book, yep I’m reading it cover to cover.  It’s not just that I’m that sort of person who likes to read recipe books for relaxation, I do, but it’s also (trust me) … Continue reading

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Baked salmon deliciousness

Last weekend I missed my usual Farmers’ Market  because I had to work all day Saturday. They are only on every two weeks in my area so missing one means 4 weeks between visits.  And this week I was having … Continue reading

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A post on various little random pieces of food-goodness: :: A broad bean recipe I have been saving to share for ages.  When my broad beans are ready they will most definitely be used to make this:  Puglia style broad … Continue reading

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Shove the diet, it’s food culture all the way

Last week I was listening to one of my favourite food podcasts, Good Food and they had an interesting guest on.  Dr Thomas Robinson and his team research ways to ensure people eat healthily and stay within a healthy weight … Continue reading

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Home economics of farmer’s markets

When people find out we shop at farmer’s markets I get a number of responses but one of the most common is “we’d love to do that, but it’s too expensive”.  So I thought I’d do a little verbal analysis … Continue reading

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The generic brand conundrum

Generic brands.  They are everywhere and they are growing in market share.  When I was younger it seemed pretty simple.  On basic staples there wasn’t much, if any difference in quality, but the prices were often much lower.  And the … Continue reading

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Election 2010: cookie fun

For anyone who doesn’t know, a federal election was held in Australia yesterday.  At the moment it is a hung parliament and one of the two major parties will need to form a coalition with the 5 Green/Independent members of … Continue reading

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Healthier Toasted Muesli

I love eating muesli for breakfast (or granola when I’m visiting the US).  The toasted stuff. Only problem is it’s laden with fat and sugar.  So I came up with my own toned down version.  By my reckoning it only … Continue reading

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Lunch quest

Have you noticed a bit of a theme on my blog?  That I seem slightly obsessed by all things breakfasty and brunchy? I have decided that blogging shows up your inner obsessions that you didn’t even realise you have. 🙂 … Continue reading

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