A farmers’ market cornucopia: preserving those tomatoes

I’ve finally made my way through most of my box of tomatoes.  Let me show you all the goodies I’ve made….

Tomato sauce/ketchup.  This stuff is to die for and the original reason why I snapped up the box, but about 6 kg of tomatoes later and we have enough ketchup (along with the other two bottle in storage and one in the fridge) to last us until next tomato season.  I used the recipe out of A Year in a Bottle but rather than pass it through a sieve I just whizz it until it’s a nice mixture of smooth with small chunky bits and then reboil it for ten minutes before storing in sterilised jars.  I promise you, after eating this stuff, you will not be able to eat commercial ketchup/sauce again

Tomato Chilli Pickle. Two batches: one last weekend (in the photo) and one this weekend (that’s another 4.5 kg preserved).  I’ve never made it before but, man, is this stuff good.  We’ve been eating it with everything from spreading it on sandwiches to an accompaniment for curries.

Semi-dried tomatoes (another 3.25 kg down). I also decided to finally use my dehydrator.  I’ve had it for over 3 years and it was a failed New Year’s Resolution from 2011 to use it.  Funny how facing down kilos of tomatoes that need to be used up quickly gets me to the point where I get over whatever was stopping me from using the dehydrator.  It’s so easy to use I wish I’d just used it sooner.  The recipe for the semi-dried tomatoes was from Out of the Bottle and needs to be kept in the fridge.  This preserving stuff really does spoil you, I don’t think I could eat semi-dried tomatoes from the store again, the flavour is just so intense in the batch I made.

We’ve also been eating tomatoes in all sorts of dishes from coleslaws to home-made baked beans and finally the box looks like this….

…with about another kg of the really good quality tomatoes being stored in the fridge

I’ve really enjoyed working my way through such a monster quantity of tomatoes.  Who knows, by next year I might even be bottling whole tomatoes so we no longer need to buy the tinned variety….

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6 Responses to A farmers’ market cornucopia: preserving those tomatoes

  1. Wow the sauces and relish look really good! If they are better than store bought , they must taste amazing! Great job!

  2. Karen says:

    As your season is winding down, our season is just starting. Your tomato chili relish sounds good. Hopefully, I will have a nice crop of tomatoes this year.

    • Bee says:

      Hi Karen. Good luck with your tomatoes. I kind of like how the Northern and Southern hemispheres are out of sync season wise. I get so inspired all year round by blogs I read in the Northern hemsiphere and there’s always time to for me to get organised and actually try what they are suggesting. Which isn’t always the case for blogs closer to home.

      eta: typos

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