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In the aftermath of the floods

I think by now most, if not all, of you would have heard about the recent flooding and cyclone Yasi in Australia.  In particular, you probably heard about the floods in Brisbane and Queensland. At the time I didn’t say … Continue reading

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Keeping it local, seafood style

For months I’ve been planning to make the trek to a seaside suburb that has a particular boat  at the docks that moors itself on a Sunday morning and sells local mussels, prawns and oysters (in season) until they sell … Continue reading

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Ode to organic free range eggs

One thing I love about organic free range eggs… …is that sometimes they are stripey or spotty or are double yolkers …and that shows me that the hen who laid the egg is being allowed to be more henny than … Continue reading

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What makes you an urban farmer?

The term urban farmer resonates deeply within me.  Linking to concepts like sustainability and self-sustaining food production.  Recently I’ve been starting to wonder if I could call myself an urban farmer.  And that is where my confusion starts.  What exactly … Continue reading

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Shove the diet, it’s food culture all the way

Last week I was listening to one of my favourite food podcasts, Good Food and they had an interesting guest on.  Dr Thomas Robinson and his team research ways to ensure people eat healthily and stay within a healthy weight … Continue reading

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Home economics of farmer’s markets

When people find out we shop at farmer’s markets I get a number of responses but one of the most common is “we’d love to do that, but it’s too expensive”.  So I thought I’d do a little verbal analysis … Continue reading

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The generic brand conundrum

Generic brands.  They are everywhere and they are growing in market share.  When I was younger it seemed pretty simple.  On basic staples there wasn’t much, if any difference in quality, but the prices were often much lower.  And the … Continue reading

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