Update on the Jamie challenge

As I mentioned in my new years post, Mr Bee and I are working our way through Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals, cooking one recipe each a week.  We’re having so much fun.  It adds quite an amount of novelty and anticipation to our meals knowing that at least two recipes a week will be completely new to us. And both of us have tried techniques and food that we haven’t cooked before.  Mr Bee even ended up making harissa because we were having trouble finding it in the shops!

A selection of our meals so far:

Jamie Tuna

p 156 Seared Asian Tuna.  Delicate, sophisticated flavours.  My first go at cooking fresh tuna and if it wasn’t so expensive, I’d be eating it at least weekly

Koh Samui Salad

p 162 Koh Samui Salad.  British cabbages must be tiny because I used the half a cabbage suggested and we ended up with a mountain of cabbage that just diluted the lovely flavours.  Since then I have not let the speed of the meal mean that I stopped using the general cooks knowledge, 1/2 a cabbage is a heap and I should have known it would be way too much

Lamb Kofte

p 108 Lamb Kofte.  Pistachios and honey on lamb kofte are a taste sensation!  I could take or leave the couscous dish though

Chicken Tikka

p 26 Chicken Tikka.  Very nice.  We had run out of yoghurt when Mr Bee made this so he substituted butter for the sauce.  It actually worked quite well in a very rich over the top kind of way



p 232 Ricotta fritters.  Very, very yummy.  It’s very important to cook the fritters in a nonstick pan as the first batch in the cast-iron stuck like troopers.

Prawn cocktail

p 128 Prawn cocktail.  Forget the 70s appetiser. This is tasty and full of fresh flavours.  The tomato bread is so easy and tastes divine. Perfect for a hot summers day.


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