Welcome to 2013

Hello everyone,

How are you?  I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas-New Year period.  At Chez Bee it was all about family, friends and food.  Oh and soaking up the way that time seems to slow down and, even though I live in a major city, everything is so quiet and peaceful for a week.  Lovely, just lovely.

Of course there was lots of delicious food both at Chez Bee and at other people’s homes we visited.  But I was enjoying the company so much that I don’t have many photos to share.   Just  a couple to give you some idea.

Christmas fruit cake

I was also the lucky recipient of a couple of food related presents:


Which brings me to Mr Bee’s and my food resolution for 2013.  We eat lovely, healthy and sometimes indulgent food at Chez Bee but hmmm, even the most tasty food can get a bit a “stale” and boring after a while.  We both work hard so it’s always a battle to put yummy, tasty and interesting food on the table during the week.  As you can see above a lovely person gave me Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals.  Mr Bee suggested that we work our way through every recipe in the book, to help us with getting a bit more variety onto our plates mid-week.  We’re now into the fourth week of two recipes per week. Of course, as always, Jamie know’s what he’s doing with food.  The recipes take a little longer than 15 minutes but they are fast and tasty and we are enjoying ourselves and learning new cooking ideas and tips.  I won’t post every meal here just the odd one to let you know how we are going.

Jamie meal 1

Jamie meal 2

Wishing all of you the best for 2013.

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