Pear and apple google indulgence

Please indulge me for this post.  I’m slightly in shock, good shock though.  So good that I’m about to toot my own horn, because I can’t think who’d appreciate this more than my lovely readers. I hope you don’t mind.

So I get quite a few people finding my blog because they google  some version of “pear and apple jam” and they find my post on, what else, but  making pear and apple jam.  A great big hand wave and “hi” to you if your search for this jam is what led you to my blog.

A couple of days ago in a little bout of curiosity I decided to google both “pear and apple jam” and “apple and pear jam”.  Just, you know, to see where I was positioned.  Maybe someone where on the fourth page.

And this is where the shock part comes in because I wasn’t on the fourth page or the third or the second.  I was on the first page.  And it gets even better, because when I googled both “pear and apply jam” and “apple and pear jam” I came up as the very first search result!


You guys put me there!  I am so wonderfully amazingly stoked!  My little blog has the most popular pear and apple jam recipe in the world.

So I told Mr Bee.  He got really excited for me and then he put a little downer on it.  Apparently Google does this smart stuff that works out where you are in the world and what sort of searches you do and reorders your search results a bit to make them special to you.  So maybe I only come up first because  I’m searching about myself?  But no, my pear and apple jam post came up first when Mr Bee googled too.

So here’s where the real indulgence comes in.  What if you, dear reader, google either “pear and apple jam” or “apple and pear jam” (don’t include the quotes, I just put them in so you could easily see the search term)? Where does the Tales from a Well Stocked Larder  recipe post come on your search result order?  I would love to know.


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12 Responses to Pear and apple google indulgence

  1. orange says:

    I am in Taiwan, and you are first on the results for Pear and Apple Jam 🙂 I have you in my google reader though so that may swing things a bit. I will report back if I remember to check it from an anonymous school computer!

    • Bee says:

      Hi Orange. Thanks for doing the google search and indulging me. That’s so cool, first in Taiwan for pear and apple jam. Yippee!! Checking from an anonymous school computer would be a good test. Hmmm, maybe I should go into a library or somewhere else where they have free internet….

  2. Well, I’m not from quite so far away (but how cool is it that you get readers from Taiwan! Hi Orange!! I visited Taiwan once on my way to Canada 🙂 … anyway, back on track… I’m actually in Brisbane and you were first & foremost on my google list. Cookies are cleared all the time and received your post by email, so guessing it should be fairly fair CONGRATS 🙂 That’s awesome

  3. Emlyn says:

    After making my first jam today (sweet chilli) I decided to try apple and pear jam. Your page was the first result for “apple and pear jam recipe” (without quotes) and I’d never visited this blog before.

  4. John says:

    You’re first when I google too. I’m just close to you in Melbourne but it is a different computer etc. Congratulations.

  5. Jane says:

    Your Apple and Pear Jam recipe has brought me to your blog via google. I think it was page 2 but I’m not exactly sure – I’m in the UK. Love your blog – just added you to my favourites. Thanks. Jane

    • Bee says:

      Hi Jane. Thanks for letting me know your google results. So it looks like I’m a little less popular in the UK. That’s great to hear that you enjoy my blog.

  6. Hi! I’m an American in France (near Geneva, Switzerland) and I made your jam today! My neighbor had a huge extra stock of apples and pears from her Orchard trees and she gave me a bunch. The jam is super good. You were my first hit on google. Congratulations. 🙂

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