January in my (wee little) garden

Hello everyone,

As I’ve said previously, we’ve moved house and my garden has become a much smaller affair that is mostly contained in pots.  But we’re doing pretty well out of those pots.

Lots and lots of herbs…

Daily pickings of cherry tomatoes…

Our blueberries are starting to look really good.  We had our first few little blueberries this year and hopefully next year we will be able to get a decent harvest

We were also self-sufficient in lettuce, rainbow chard and dill for a while.  But this is Australia in summer, it’s hot, they revolted and went to seed.  I have some more seedlings and so we should hopefully be eating them again in a few weeks (hot also equals lots of sunshine which means fast growing 😉

Oh, and I have done some “found” gardening recently…blackberries.  They made a yummy jam…but that’s another post….

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