January in my garden: a wee bit late

January is when everything seemed to start happening in my vegie garden.  I took so many photos and then they sat locked in my computer for the last two weeks while it was getting fixed (I only back up my photos about once a month).  But now my computer is fixed and so I can share some of the yummy things we’ve been harvesting and waiting (not so) patiently to harvest.

:: An assortment of lettuce and other salad greens.  See the green with red Amaranth on the right?  My post on Amaranth is still definitely coming.

:: Nectarines from our tree.  We lost a lot to possums and rain, rain, rain that made the fruit rot before it was ripe.  But what we did manage to harvest were lovely and we enjoyed as fresh fruit (a little) but mostly poached fruit, jam and chutney

:: Our very first zucchini of the season

:: The first cucumber I’ve ever grown.  It tastes so cucumber-y.  Look at those spikes though!  They all easily brush off but next near I’m considering growing a less spiky variety.

:: Delicious multi-coloured carrots of various sizes.  We find it curious that it is the white ones that have the fullest carrot-y flavour

:: We’re also eating green, purple and green with purple flecks beans, rocket/arugula, the garlic I harvested late last year, spring onions and limes.  And an assortment of herbs including basil, chives, various mints, sage, rosemary, chillies and thyme.

:: And finally, the oh not so patient wait for the tomatoes to ripen.  At the “time of going to press” we had lost the first ripe tomato to the (damn) possums and the second tomato was picked yesterday at the orange stage (to beat the possums!) and is ripening on the counter.  But that is a sneak peek of “February in my garden”.  In January, all the tomatoes were still temptingly green….

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2 Responses to January in my garden: a wee bit late

  1. theonlycin says:

    Well done, the fruits of your labour!

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