I’m back… with some random musings….

Hello!  I’m back!  And so happy to be back!  You know how work often has periods of the year when it’s crazy?  This is one of my two crazy times during the year.  In the last couple of weeks, when I’d get home each night  I’d be so exhausted that I couldn’t put my mind into order enough to write a post.  We’re not at the end of the crazy period yet but it’s calmed down enough that I can at least compose a post to share with you.

Today was our first real warm day of Spring.  It reached a lovely 29 °C.  I’m sitting at home after work and basking in that glorious post-warm day evening-ness.  Do you know the type I mean?  And in my hand (when I’m not typing), I have my first lemon and ginger soda water of the season (I’m waiting for Mr Bee to come home with something a little alcoholic 🙂 ).  I make the cordial for this drink every year but it’s the first time I’ve been able to make it with lemons from my own tree.  It feels so right to be sitting in my back garden sipping on a drink made from the fruit of my garden.

And the lemons.  The lemon tree is starting to drop its fruit.  So I think I need to go into super lemon preserving mode again.  Maybe a few more lemon and ginger cordials to get us through the summer?  I have this on my to do list for the weekend

Also over the weekend I need to start getting the vegie garden back into order.  A lot of things are going to seed.  So I think it’s time to take most of it out and dig in lots of compost  etc in preparation for the summer vegies.

Ahhh, here comes Mr Bee.  So I’m going to sign off now and  have a relaxing Friday evening with my wonderful husband.  Wishing you all  a lovely weekend wherever you are around the world.

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4 Responses to I’m back… with some random musings….

  1. My husband made lemon preserves for the first time this year. I didn’t even know it was an actual preserve! As we are getting our first snow (in the mountains) its nice to read about warm weather in other parts of the world…..I gotta move to Australia!

  2. Kristina says:

    Mmh, lemon and ginger soda water sounds soo good! But, mh, 29°C is a nice spring day in Australia? That would be nearly the heat of the summer over here 😀
    It’s funny to read about your summer garden and temperatures when over here it gets colder and drearier everyday and winter is approaching fast 🙂 Have a great summer!

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