A farmers’ market cornucopia: early October

Last weekend at the Farmers’ Market it was really starting to feel like spring.  It was a lovely sunny morning and I had chats with a number of the stall-holders about how happy everyone was to be finally seeing spring weather.  And most importantly, it’s asparagus time!  And what says spring more than asparagus!?!?

Some bits and pieces:

:: The pride of place in the centre is some beautiful Holy Goat cheese.  A special treat. Yum!!!

:: This was the second  time I’ve bought honey from the farmers’ markets.  I have no idea why I didn’t start before.  It is so thick and rich and lovely tasting.  And it doesn’t cost any more than the supermarket honey.   We’ve been eating double our usual amount of honey over the last month because it is just so good. There is no turning back now!

:: The tomatoes and cucumbers are hot-house grown

:: I’m so happy that we have locally grown avocados in a temperate area (see the little finger avocados down near the bottom)

:: Four types of Allium this week.  Good old workhorse brown onions near the centre and down in the bottom right (from L to R) we have spring onions, garlic shoots and leeks.  No mention of bad breath in the comments please 😉

:: Daikon radishes on the bottom left.  They are so good chopped up finely in salsa.  They give a gentle spicy hotness to a salsa that is very different to the usual chili hotness

:: Still no meat because we have yet to finish our great big hunk of beef from the farmer

:: We are supplementing this with silver beet, peas, green sprouting broccoli, cavolo nero, a few beetroot, lettuce, raddichio and plenty of herbs from our garden

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6 Responses to A farmers’ market cornucopia: early October

  1. cindy says:

    A lovely spread 🙂
    I paid R26 yesterday for the same amount of asparagus you have on your table. Quite pricey I think?

    • Bee says:

      Thank you!

      So I did a quick conversion (don’t you just love the internet for that!) and I think you got a decent deal, relative to in Australia anyway. By the converter I used R26=$A3.64. I paid $A2.50 per bunch (equals $A5 all up for my two bunches). If I’d bought them from a supermarket I would have paid somewhere between $A1.50 and $A2.50 per bunch

  2. Debra Kolkka says:

    It all looks very delicious. Porcini mushrooms and truffles are being sold along the sides of the road here now. The mushrooms are huge and we use them for pasta sauce and as extras with tagliata – yum!!!

  3. Bee what a gorgeous bounty you got at the markets! They all look superb.

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