Spring seed sowing

This weekend I was FINALLY able to sow my spring seeds. A little late, but you know better late than never. 😉 Saturday was a glorious sunny spring day and so gardening was a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Which kind of made up for not being able to sow them earlier.

I made a number of extra pots out of saved milk cartons (another idea I picked up somewhere at sometime on the interwebs). As well as washing and letting the UV in the sun sterilise my other pots for a couple of hours

I sowed 3 types of tomatoes, 2 types of lettuce, capsicum, eggplant, coriander and basil.

They are all ensconced in luxury accommodation in our bath tub (only showers for us during the next 4-6 weeks!). Tonight I noticed that both lettuces have tiny green heads sticking out above the surface.

I also sowed 3 types of bean, spring onions, carrots and radishes directly into prepared beds in the garden.  In the front garden to be precise.  I’m reclaiming it bit by bit for food production!

Next weekend my aim is to sow my pumpkin (a.k.a. summer squash), zucchini, cucumber and ha-ogen melon (I’m especially excited about this one!) directly into prepared garden beds…..

…Mmmmmm, a sigh of gardening contentment….

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9 Responses to Spring seed sowing

  1. cindy says:

    Good for you!
    I find that sowing in old egg cartons is great, then I can just plant the whole carton when the seedlings are ready and it will disintegrate into the soil as the plant grows.
    No sign of rain here yet and very hot 😦

    • Bee says:

      I like the egg carton idea! I almost sowed some of mine in toilet rolls for the same reason (remember one of my previous through the fence posts where they had done this?) but I kind of chickened out at the last minute because I couldn’t work out what I wanted to do with their bottom-less bit.

      Oh I am hoping for rain for you!

  2. I’m just harvesting here and waiting for the first frost to kill off the last of my garden!
    I’ve heard the egg cartons work well and I always have a surplus.

    • Bee says:

      Ooo hopefully you get everything in before it frosts. We no longer have real frost here – seems some warming has been happening ’round these parts in the last 40 years or so

      Aha, sounds like it’s 2 votes for the egg cartons. I might just have to try them. We have some that we’ve been saving for friends who keep chickens. I could use some to germinate some more vegies that I’ve yet to sow…

  3. Bee I’m sighing with garden contentment just reading your post…

  4. The bathtub’s a good idea!!

    • Bee says:

      Thank you! Yeah, it’s the lightest room in the house and the tub keeps everything out of harms way – plus it’s comes complete with a drain

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