September in my garden

Some highlights from my September garden…

:: The nectarine and (I think it’s a) quince  blossoms have graced us with their presence and then left to be replaced by leaves and teeny tiny fruit.  The birds have enjoyed them as much as us.

:: We are eating the sweetest peas

:: The Tuscan Kale (a.k.a. cavolo nero)  is growing at a mighty pace

:: The garlic is well over a foot tall

:: The blueberries have fully formed leaves now and I keep having to force myself to nip off all of their flowers.  Just one more year and I can let the flowers set into fruit.

:: We are still being showered in our lemon bounty

:: At first the broad beans flowered and none seemed to set.  Then the weather warmed up and dried out a little and the bees starting coming.

Within days we had little broad bean babies that are promising to be a yummy treat in October…

:: We can’t keep up with growth of the multi-coloured silverbeet/chard…anyone for spanakopita?

:: And the pièce de résistance, we are eating my very first ever harvest of green sprouting broccoli.  Oh it is sooo yummy!

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12 Responses to September in my garden

  1. cindy says:

    What blessings 😀
    I hope you’re making lots of preserved lemons?

    • Bee says:

      Oh yes, I have a very large container full of presrved lemons. Actually, that reminds me, they should eb about ready to try now. Hmmm, must get out some preserved lemon recipes…..

  2. herby says:

    It looks fabulous! Isn’t it amazing – September in your garden is July in ours. Isn’t it difficult to pick the flowers off the fruit trees when they are young 😉

    • Bee says:

      Yeah, I was quite jealous of your broadbeans about a month or two ago. We didn’t even have flowers at that stage!

      And yes, the blueberry flower removing is driving me crazy! But I keep reminding myself that its for a good cause.

      • herby says:

        We’ve only been in our home for 18 months so we can’t let anything but the mulberries and paw paws fruit 😦 Though I was naughty with the cherry guava 😉

      • Bee says:

        Oh Mulberries! They are on my list of future purchases. Yum!
        It’s kind of cruel isn’t it, that finally you get to move somewhere where you can plant fruit trees and then it takes years before you can enjoy the fruit themselves
        Hey I’ve never tasted cherry guava – what are they like?

  3. Debra Kolkka says:

    I love cavolo nero. It is quite difficult to find in Brisbane. Of course, it is everywhere here in Bagni di Lucca and so cheap!

    • Bee says:

      Oh it would be great to be able to buy cavolo nero in the shops. I can get it from the farmers’ markets here but I have really enjoyed growing it and having a steady supply this year

  4. Oh talk to me about blueberries please. Why are you nipping? I got one recently, it’s in a pot but I’m doing it a bit blindly. I know they like acidity and regular moisture…
    Your garlic looks good!

    • Bee says:

      Oh another novice blueberry grower (just like me!). So the flower nipping is because both the book I have on growing blueberries and the guy I bought the blueberries from said that it’s good to remove the flowers for a year (blueberry seller) or two (blueberry book) to ensure you get a vigourous healthy plant that will provide you with lots of fruit for many years. So I’m missing out on a few blueberries now for lots of extra blueberries later.

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