Through the fence posts: serious front yard vegie gardening

My latest wandering trip took me past a rather large front yard vegetable patch.  Four beds with two fallow and two brimming full of late winter vegie goodness.  Obviously a household that enjoys their home-grown produce enough to have it on full display.  If this is their front garden, imagine what sort of goodies are in their back garden?  I won’t say much more as I think the photos say it much better than I ever could….

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8 Responses to Through the fence posts: serious front yard vegie gardening

  1. cindy says:

    Oh my, how nicely organised.
    I love the trim on the veranda, over here we call it ‘panty lace’ 🙂

  2. herby says:

    Looks great! And tidy. Well done.

  3. Beautiful- but I too could not take my eyes off the trim on the veranda!

    • Bee says:

      This type of lace is quite common on older buildings around here. I love walking through neighbourhoods with houses full of it – I don’t just look at the gardens, I also imagine what it would be like living in the beautiful houses

  4. I remember the house I lived in as a child. Big italian family under one roof, slowly moving out on their own. The family home in Kingston had a big veggie patch in the backyard. Lots of concrete and and a tiled barbeque table (how woggy!). An empty chook pen and a banana tree. Nothing growing after the grandparents passed away, but still a fascinating relic of what life would have looked like 10 years prior to my birth. Next door neighbors kept chickens and gave us eggs in the morning, a lovely little tradition that they kept until we eventually moved on to greener pasteurs.

  5. Bee says:

    Child hood memories have such a powerful effect don’t they? Thanks for sharing

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