Through the fence posts: a sunny morning stroll

Southern Australia has been in a drought for over ten years now.  Or maybe it’s no longer a drought and is the new “normal” under climate change?  So, when we finally  had “average” levels of rain this winter I have been incredibly grateful. I’m grateful that my garden gets a drink, that street trees with no one to water them get to survive another year, that there’s enough water for all the wildlife and that the grass is GREEN (under water restrictions it’s now illegal to water your grass).  But mostly, I’m grateful that the wheat is growing and  sheep and cattle have good grazing.  Because in Australia, rain equals food security for  both us and the rest of the world.  Did you know that Australia is the fourth largest exporter of wheat in the world and when Australia is in drought the world price of wheat increases?

Anyway, I digress.  I wanted to make the point that I am very grateful for the rain.  But you see, with the rain comes the cloudy gloom and I could do without the gloom.  So yesterday, after what seems like weeks of gloom, it dawned bright and sunny and I made the decision to get out into that sun.  Instead of catching the train the whole way to work, I got off three stations before mine and I walked.  I enjoyed the glorious sunshine, I looked at all the beautiful little houses in the neighbourhood I was walking through and I just breathed it all in.

As I was walking I come across a little terrace house with a special little garden.  It was full to the brim with vegies.  Peas, parsley, various greens, mint, lemon grass, rosemary….  All stuffed into such a little space.  The peas looked a little sun deprived in the shade but I bet it’s owner really enjoys being able to harvest fresh produce from their little garden.

And can you see their toilet roll propagation pots down on the left?  How cool are they?!

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6 Responses to Through the fence posts: a sunny morning stroll

  1. cindy says:

    What good use of such a small space, I am full of admiration for the homeowners.
    Like the toilet roll idea very much!

  2. bagnidilucca says:

    What a lovely little garden.

  3. mollyonmoney says:

    Although I live on several acres it’s in the desert. My garden is similar to your picture -it’s based on the Square Foot Gardener’s method from the 70’s.
    We are in our rainy season now but it’s not gloomy. The sun will be out and rain will fall down from the sky-it can be kinda weird!

  4. Bee says:

    Glad you all enjoyed my peek into someone else’s garden. Now that the weather is warming up (and becoming less gloomy) I’ve been traipsing around a lot more and taking more pictures of people’s vegie gardens. I love that I have people to share these wonderful gardens with now. So watch out for more “through the fence posts”

    Oh, and Molly, I wish we had your type of rain here! Although, maybe then I’d be living in a desert too?

  5. eremophila says:

    Inspiring and heartening to see what can be done in such a small space.

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