August in my garden

There are little signs of spring everywhere:

:: I had almost given up hope of my broadbeans every flowering but last week they burst into glorious blooms

:: And the peas joined them a day or two later

:: My mint has struggled through the winter but is now all of a sudden growing faster than I can harvest it (added to my list of things to do is drying some so that I can be self-sufficient in mint tea)

:: The radicchio are forming heads

:: My blueberry plants are starting to send forth shoots

:: The green sprouting broccoli are beginning to sprout

:: The garlic is growing ever higher

:: The lemon bounty continues

:: And lastly, and rather sadly, it must be warming up because the bugs are back and something has devoured almost all the leaves on my Thai chili plant

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2 Responses to August in my garden

  1. cindy says:

    It all looks just joyful! We had a bad black frost that wiped out my entire herb garden.

    • Bee says:

      Hi Cindy. Oh no, and so many herbs are mediterranean and just not good with frosts at all! Excuse my ignorance but what is a “black” frost? (As you might be able to tell, we don’t get many frosts here, so I don’t have a very extended frost vocabulary 😉 )

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