Other uses for alliums

The allium family would have to be one of my favourites, they add a lovely flavour to dishes and have the most beautiful flowers. You already know that I’m growing garlic for the first time.  I also grow chives and we seems to get self-sown onions popping up around the garden from a crop a while back.  Some of these come up at the wrong time of year and don’t end up producing a proper onion before they flower.  So I just use them for more aesthetic purposes….

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4 Responses to Other uses for alliums

  1. Jude says:

    Your onion flower looks lovely. I never thought of using allium flowers in flower arrangements before. Chive flowers would look lovely too, wouldn’t they. Lots of beautiful little bluey-purple balls. Do they smell much? You know the oniony/garlicy/chivey smell?

    • Bee says:

      Hi Jude. I agree chive flowers would be lovely too. The sap that comes out of the base of the onion flower smells a bit. But I haven’t had any problem with the flower smelling out the room or anything. It might depend on the type of onion though. Not sure on that one Cheers Bee

  2. Tes says:

    Wow the onion flower looks lovely! This is really inspring and creative. I haven’t thought of using them this way before 🙂

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