Lunch quest

Have you noticed a bit of a theme on my blog?  That I seem slightly obsessed by all things breakfasty and brunchy? I have decided that blogging shows up your inner obsessions that you didn’t even realise you have. 🙂

And so, while I by no means expect to leave breakfast and brunch behind, I think it’s time to put some emphasis on to the next meal of the day: lunch.  And in particular, work lunches.  I like to take my own lunch to work most of the time.  It’s often better than what my budget would allow me to buy,  as well as being healthier and cheaper.  And I use far less packaging than if I buy takeaway food every day, so better for the environment too.

In which I wimp out and buy take-away least the apple came from home and was bought at a farmers' market

The reason I’ve decided to write about work lunches is because I’m feeling rather uninspired at the moment and so I think it’s time to add a bit of extra pizzazz and newness into my lunches.  I’m not much for taking sandwiches to work – they too often get soggy.  I used to take left overs a lot but in the past year I’ve started cooking more meat (because Mr Bee likes it and because I was diagnosed with iron deficiency) and I don’t really like carting around meat-based left overs (from a food safety point of view).   And so I’m feeling a bit stumped for yummy interesting lunch foods.   Especially because it’s winter here and so my usual lunches of salads etc just don’t seem to work.  So I’m on the warpath against boring lunches and looking for inspiration.  All ideas will be gratefully received and will hopefully be as useful for school lunches as work lunches.

To start off I share this blog with you: Vegan Lunch Box.  Jennifer McCann makes the most glorious vegan lunches.  A bit more involved than I plan to be but definitely inspirational.

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