Feasting on culture

One of the things I love about cooking is that it’s a relatively easy way to experience a variety of different cultures.  And what could be more at the heart of a culture than the food that people eat and share?  So, with this in mind, we decided that at our brunch we’d like to share a little Jewish food culture (eastern European or New York, depending on your perspective) and my husband made the most delicious chocolate babka from Jewish Home Cooking by Arthur Schwartz.

I don’t think anyone at our brunch had even heard of babka before Sunday but they are now all firmly within the babka appreciation club.  One guest said it was now in her top three desserts of all time – go Mr Bee and your babka making prowess!  Especially seeing as Mr Bee had never made babka before. For the uninitiated, babka is a sweet yeast bread that is kind of like a coffee scroll but the filling is dark chocolate, cinnamon, walnuts and an egg white sugar mix like a meringue.  My mouth is watering just writing about it!  If you get the chance, try some, or even better make some yourself.  Yum!

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