Through the fence posts

I love walking and I particularly like walking through neighbourhoods.  I admit to being a complete  sticky beak.  I love seeing how people have done their gardens and what colour they paint their houses.  I like seeing the extensions that they build up into the roof or on the back of their houses.  And, in particular, I love seeing fruit and vegies growing in people’s gardens.  I imagine them deciding what fruit trees to grow, maybe 10 or 20 or 30 years ago.  I imagine them harvesting the fruit and making jams and sauces and fruit pies.  I love seeing front yards given over to tomatoes because I know they’ll most probably makes heaps of passata and bottled tomatoes to last them and their friends and family through the year.  And trendy vegetable gardens in designer raised beds because they’re probably new to the whole thing but they’re giving it a go and they’re going to find out just how much fun and how yummy your own vegetables are.

And so now that I have a blog I get to share some of my sticky beaks “through the fence posts”.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

For my first through the fence post, I have to admit I cheated a little as there were no fence posts to peak through.  But wandering through a neighbourhood of beautiful old terrace houses it was such a delightful surprise to come across a fully laden lemon tree in a tiny front yard.  What else could I do but share it with you?

And look at the amazing sunny winters day sky.  It was 7 ºC, crisp and clear.  Perfect wandering weather.

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