Ode to my cast-iron pan

A number of years back when I was looking for a new frypan, a lady in a department store told me that teflon pans were perfectly safe as long as you didn’t heat them any hotter than the temperature water boils at (i.e. 100 ºC).  I thought this was a bizarre selling point considering that frypans are generally used for frying where temperatures can reach double that of boiling water.  And teflon non-stick frypans have been shown to be potentially toxic.  The Neighbourhood Toxicologist has written a number of posts on this issue – maybe it’s best to start here.

So, because I value the health of myself, people who eat my food and the planet, my solution to the non-stick pan dilemma has been to go cast-iron.  And, it was love at first use.  It heats evenly and cooks beautifully. Food mostly doesn’t stick and on the occasions when it does I just boil some water with a splash of vinegar in it.  I have to admit, I’m also not a purist when it comes to cleaning methods.  I’ve been known to  wash it with dish-soap (shock!) and a gentle scourer (horror!) but it never seems to do any lasting damage to the blackened surface or stop the pan working it’s magic.  A light covering in vegetable oil and it’s good to go again.  It’s so good that I no longer understand why we all switched to non-stick pans in the first place.

And my current favourite dish to cook in my cast-iron pan? A cafe-style “big breakfast”… for Sunday lunch of course!

Big Breakfast

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3 Responses to Ode to my cast-iron pan

  1. kriggs1976 says:

    I love my cast irons, I have a large one and a smaller one too. I love when you have them perfectly treated and nothing sticks to them. Better than teflon if you ask me.


  2. Bee says:

    Hi Kristina,
    Thanks for dropping by. It’s good to know that other people share the same cast-iron love as me.

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