Homegrown Garlic No. 1

Like many people I’ve become increasingly dissatisfied with the imported, dried out, tasteless stuff that masquerades for garlic in our shops.  So a few years ago I started buying my garlic from here.  I’ve been buying their organic Printanor garlic (pictured above) and it is everything that shop bought garlic isn’t: large cloves, juicy and tasty.

This year I decided I’d have a go at growing some of the cloves.  Before I jumped into it I did a bit of research.  I asked around and found out that lots of people have tried growing garlic (who knew there were so many people secretly cultivating garlic?) but very few seemed to have had success.  It seemed to vary from cloves that never sprouted to healthy shoots that never formed bulbs.  The general consensus seemed to be that drainage had been their problem.

So in early June I picked some of the largest cloves.  I took a good quality potting mix and mixed it with sandy soil in a ratio of 2:1.  Fingers crossed that helps with drainage.  I’ve sown 29 plants (I think!) in 3 pots.  I have watered them once with seaweed solution but otherwise just left them to natural rainfall.

After about a week little green shoots started appearing.  And now, every clove has poked its head up and they are all growing like little troopers….

To be continued…..

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4 Responses to Homegrown Garlic No. 1

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  3. moonmooring says:

    BrAvo! I have grown my own garlic for over 10 years. I usually put in about 200-300 plants. Here in the Ozarks we plant no later than Halloween, so usually sometime in late August to mid October. I make my own garlic salt, a gallon or more of pesto (in 1/2 pint jars and with home grown basil), minced garlic in organic cider vinegar and eat lots of roasted garlic through the winter. Once I made a quart of pickled garlic which was a nice addition to buffets and pot lucks.

    Good luck with your first crop!

    • Bee says:

      Hi Sarah, Wow ten years of garlic growing. I’m in awe! If you have any advice for a newbie that would be great. Pickled garlic sounds delicious – I might have to give that a go 🙂 Bee

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