The blueberries are in!

Blueberry (Vaccinnium corymbosum var. O’Neal) with its lovely autumnal colouration just after planting

My two new blueberry bushes have been planted into their new homes. I think I pretty much just followed blueberry protocol for the planting.  They are in 20 L pots (will probably need to up-size eventually) and I used an Azalea/Camellia potting mix to ensure the soil was lovely and acidic.  I gently teased out their roots so that they were in a fan shape at the base of the plant and  watered them in with a seaweed solution bath. I’ll cover the potting mix in mulch once they’ve settled in. Then, this was the hardest part, I pruned them by half and removed ALL the flower buds leaving my too little bushes looking more like twigs than anything else.  But fingers crossed the “have to be cruel to be kind” treatment will reward me with about 5 kg fruit per plant every year once they are mature.

My blueberry “twig” after pruning
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